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Inspired Design specialises in wedding invitations & wedding stationery and offers an enormous range of unique, quality and affordable products such as specialty papers, invitations and associated stationery products including print and custom design services to create unique and wonderful stationery for any social or corporate event.

We do it all: invitations for weddings, engagements, save the date cards, christenings, birthdays, communion/confirmation, place cards, reply cards, thank you cards, bonbonniere tags, place cards, wishing well cards, gift registry cards, menu cards, guest entrance cards, order of service cards and much much more.

With over 1200 paper varieties, you can select from the finest paperies from all over the world. With so many paper options and invitation designs to choose, we guarantee you will find something unique to ignite your imagination and not exceed your budget.

Select from our extensive range of invitations styles: letterpress wedding invitations, foiled invitations, lace wedding invitations, embossed invitations, laser cut invitations, destination invitations, designer wedding invitations, acrylic invitations, hard cover invitations, couture invitations, Classic DIY wedding invitations, bespoke invitations, verko invitations and photographic invitations.

For D-I-Y (do it yourself) enthusiasts, Inspired Design is also a complete "one stop shop" for all papers, cards, envelopes, diamantes, ribbons, lace trims, buckles, brooches and other embellishments and tools to create your unique stationery at home.

Inspired Design has the largest selection of wedding invitations in Melbourne. All our wedding stationery is customisable so we can match it to your color theme and budget.

Inspired Design is highly regarded for their beautiful wedding invitation ideas & designs, quality and customer service.



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Embossing is the creation of a three-dimensional design or image on paper is known as embossing. Heat and pressures reshapes the surface of the paper to create the image.

Images are pressed up from the page, single, multi-level, beveled, and sculptured are the styles of embossing. Embossing can be done on plain paper or combined with ink, images, or foil for special 3D effects.

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Letterpress began in Europe in the 14th century as an alternative to laborious calligraphy.

Today, Inspired Design is returning to the craft of letterpress printing from metal type and custom engraved plates as a unique option to offset printing.

Letterpress offers a tactile quality and nostalgic feel that can’t be achieved with any other technique.

Printed on 100% fine cotton fibre, letterpress printing creates a grace and elegance that leave a lasting impression.

Beautiful custom design letterpress wedding invitations created to suit your elegant wedding

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Foiling is a striking printing style. Text or images are “pressed” through foil into the paper under both pressure and heat leaving the design of the die on the paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

Coloured foils such as Gold, Silver or White are ideal for dark coloured paper or card.

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